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Dog Agility Training Supply

Dog agility, the sport in which a handler guides a dog through a timed obstacle course, has become enormously popular. Dog agility requires extraordinary obedience training, but the agility activities are great fun for both the dog and his handler.

What you'll need for your dog agility training supply depends a lot on how much space you have available for training. Will you be training indoors or outside? Will you be able to leave your dog agility training equipment set up all the time, or will you need to break it down and put it away after each training session?

Of course, you'll need some incentives as part of your dog agility training supply, like food or toys. But remember that dog agility competitions don't allow incentives, so be sure you gradually remove the use of incentives as you train.

Your dog agility training supply should include adjustable versions of the types of obstacles your dog will face in upcoming competitions. It helps to begin agility training with lower and smaller versions of the standard obstacles. As your dog begins to master obstacles, the heights can be gradually extended over time until they reach full competition height.

Some dog agility experts recommend a pause table for the first item in your dog agility training supply. A sturdy pause table, about 12 inches high, with adjustable legs, should work well with most size dogs.

After things are going well with the pause table, you can add a contact trainer to your dog agility training supply. Contact trainers are available in several designs. One useful variation is a three-piece contact trainer with an a-frame side, a pause table side, and a dog-walk side. Hoops are also available to help train your dog to enter the contact obstacle in the correct way.

Weave poles are one of the most difficult obstacles to train for. Weave pole training wire is available to add to your dog agility training supply. The wire defines the correct path through the poles until your dog can negotiate the obstacle correctly without them.

You may start out training with a leash, but will probably get rid of it quickly as it begins to get in tangled in the dog and the equipment. Your dog agility training supply should not include collars that apply physical correction (like an electric shock). These will negatively affect your dog's balance and his coordination, and will delay his confidence building.

You'll need some toys, balls, or anything your dog likes to fetch in your agility dog training supply. You can use these to entice your dog to complete an obstacle, enter a tunnel, or come to a particular spot.

Not only will you be training your dog to negotiate specific obstacles, you also need to enhance their cardiovascular and muscular conditioning. Your dog agility training supply should include some balls, a Frisbee, and any other toys that you can use to encourage long-distance, low to the ground games.

Additions to your dog agility training supply that might surprise you include grooming supplies. Several physical maintenance tasks are recommended for dogs taking part in dog agility training or competition. Your dog's nails should be trimmed to prevent catching on the obstacles and to improve his traction. If your dog happens to be a breed with hair over their eyes, you should keep it cut or tied back to maximize your dog's vision.

Dog agility training supplies are available from several internet sources and major pet retailers.

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