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There are many different types of dog collars on the market these days, all off which serve a specific training purpose. One such collar is the dog bark training collar, and is intended to prevent or stop a noisy dog from barking. Some of these training methods however, come to us with much controversy over the ethical and humane issues associated with their use. Therefore it is always important that consumers of these products take the time to research the item thoroughly and look beyond the fact that it claims to solve your current, and likely very annoying problem of a barking dog.

There are a variety of dog bark training collars, each which use a different method of deterring a dog from barking. One of these is a citronella collar. It works by emitting a quick spray of citronella from the dispenser located underneath the chin of the dog each time that he barks. The idea is that the scent and action of the citrus spray will catch the dog off guard, causing him to cease barking. A second type of dog bark training collar is a battery-operated collar, which transmits a shock to the dog whenever he barks. In an effort to make this type of device sound much more acceptable than it actually is, manufacturers will describe this activity as a “correction” for the dog, rather than what it truly is – an electrical shock. The last type of dog bark training collar works by producing a loud, ultrasonic sound, each time the animal barks. Again, the idea behind this particular item is to startle the dog and distract him from barking again.

While probably the most obvious reaction to this type of training method is that it just sounds plain cruel and unnecessary, what is most sad about it is that people are punishing their dogs for barking, but are not bothering to worry about why it is that the dog barks. Eliminating the symptom (which is the barking) is doing absolutely nothing for the underlying problem. What is the underlying problem you ask? Well, that truly is the question that must be answered before a solution for the barking issue can be found.

Dogs bark for a number of different reasons; possibly your dog is barking because he is afraid of something, maybe his barking is a way of being protective, a dog suffering from separation anxiety will bark endlessly, and a dog who is just plain bored will bark to seek attention. None of these barking problems require or warrant punishment, least of all those that are administered by a collar that only serves to infuse pain, fear or discomfort to an animal. In many cases a dog bark training collar will merely make a situation worse, or cause severe anxiety and fear in an already imbalanced animal. The real solution to resolving barking issues is to first look closely at the circumstances and other behaviors of the animal. Determine the cause of the problem and use that knowledge to intelligently, humanely and lovingly help your dog to correct the problem.

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