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Dog Toilet Training

Dog toilet training is the process of teaching your dog to eliminate where you want him to. It's all about getting to the point of allowing him freedom in your home without worrying about him making a mess.

Dog Toilet Training With a Crate

The most effective method of dog toilet training involves the use of a dog crate. A dog crate, available at most pet supply retailers, provides your dog with a place of his own. Your dog is genetically predisposed to keep the place where he sleeps clean. During a short period (usually about two weeks) of dog toilet training, your dog is in one of three places: using the bathroom in the place you designate, inside the house playing with you or your family after you're sure he's "empty," or in the crate. This virtually eliminates chances of mistakes, and your dog will quickly understand what's expected of him in terms of toilet habits.

It is possible, though not often recommended, to attempt dog toilet training without a crate. Even if you just borrow a crate for dog toilet training and return it later, it's worth the effort to use the crate. However, if you're completely opposed to using a crate for dog toilet training, or there's some reason that a crate is unavailable to you, then there are some tips for dog toilet training without a crate.

Dog Toilet Training Without a Crate

Accept the fact that dog toilet training without a crate will be more difficult, with more accidents to clean up. But resolve to keep your dog toilet training positive. Negative techniques often just end up confusing your dog.

The key to dog toilet training without a crate is to stay in touch with your dog throughout the day. You'll need to recognize signs that he needs to use the bathroom, and then immediately take him to the spot where you want him to go, give the command word and praise his successes. If you don't want to keep your dog or puppy on a leash with you during the entire period of dog toilet training, then confine them to an area you can watch using something like a baby gate. Your dog will be able to see you and you can see what he's up to. A closed door will make it impossible for you to catch him getting ready to go.

Dog Toilet Training Using Papers

Using papers for dog toilet training is really not practical for large dogs. The amount of waste they produce will make paper-training an entirely distasteful option for dog toilet training. You should realize if you intend for your dog to use the bathroom outside, there's no need for involving papers in dog toilet training at all. Take your dog outside to eliminate from day one.

If you have a small dog and going outside is difficult (perhaps you live in a city apartment), then dog toilet training with papers might work for you. There's really no secret to paper-training. It works just like all other forms of dog toilet training. Just take your dog to the papers instead of outside. Give him your chosen command word and praise him when he eliminates onto the papers.

Once you've successfully completed dog toilet training using papers, if you decide you want your dog to go outside, then you'll need to start over. It's not impossible, in fact it may be fairly painless, but just remember your dog won't figure out on his own what you want.

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