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Dog ownership can be very rewarding. Your dog will provide both companionship and protection. But you'll need to plan on some basic dog training, or owning a dog isn't going to be much fun. At a minimum, you'll need to do some house training and basic obedience training. To accomplish these tasks, you'll need to get together some dog training equipment.

Dog training equipment will greatly simplify the process of house training and dog obedience training. A quick look inside your local pet retail superstore will reveal an astounding array of products for your dog. But what do you really need in terms of dog training equipment?

The most helpful piece of dog training equipment you'll ever own is a dog crate. Dog crates are made of plastic or wire, and come in a range of sizes that will accommodate any breed of dog. Actually, size is the most important consideration when you buy a crate--it should be just big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in. If you're getting a puppy, then you need to buy one for the size he probably will be, and then reduce the size with cardboard panels. Your dog crate will be an invaluable piece of dog training equipment for house training and dog obedience training.

The next piece of dog training equipment essential for basic dog training is a leash. Leashes are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials. A leather leash is recommended, but if you prefer a nylon lease, that's OK. Just be careful with the nylon until you have your dog trained not to take off like a rocket without warning. If he does, a nylon leash could leave you with burns or cuts on your hand. Stay away from leashes made of chain--the noise they make will be confusing during the training process.

Another piece of important dog training equipment is a collar. Once again, like the leash, you're best off with a simple, leather collar. Other materials and styles are available, but leather will give you a great deal of usability and sturdiness, not to mention greater comfort for your dog.

Various styles of training collars are offered as dog training equipment, but there's really no need to start off with these. They may come into play a little later if your dog is extraordinarily rambunctious or independent. There are various trade-offs and controversies surrounding the use of training collars, most of which involve "choking" the dog to some degree. Dog training collars are very effective pieces of dog training equipment when used by expert trainers, but may do more harm than good in the hands of beginners or timid owners.

In addition to the training collars mentioned above, electronic dog training equipment is also available. Electronic collars deliver a small shock to your dog either on command from a remote control, or in response to your dog's own bark. Again, these technically advanced examples of dog training equipment can be effective in some situations, with some dog, trained by some trainers. But in a sense, resorting to these electronic versions is almost an admission that the basic techniques have failed.

When faced with the huge assortment of dog training equipment available for sale today, don't let yourself be guided by attractiveness and gadgetry. The dog training equipment that your dog will appreciate and respond to the most is your patience and consistency.

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