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Remote dog training collars are a product that are in the same sort of class as electric or shock training collars. They are used as a form of corrective dog training methods and work by administering a shock or high-pitched, sound frequency to the animal when he has performed incorrectly. The unique feature of the remote dog training collar is exactly that, it is operated by using a remote control. When the animal has displayed a bad behavior, the trainer administers a correction via the hand held remote, which sends a signal to the collar and in turn activates the shock, or sound. Most remote dog training collars come with features that allow the trainer to vary the degree or severity of the correction depending on the size of the dog or seriousness of the incorrect behavior.

Essentially this product is supposed to work by catching the dog off guard, cause him to stop his current behavior and basically say to him, “Hey, what you’ve just done is wrong – don’t do it again”. However, what it actually does is inflict pain and frightens the dog from whatever it was he was doing, or was focused on at the time the correction was administered. The biggest problem with this type of thinking is first of all that it just doesn’t work. And secondly, the effects of this training method can cause life long emotional scars. If you thought that this would be the quickest way to train your dog, you are hugely mistaken, as the damage you could cause may take years to reverse.

Consider for a moment a dog who was given the cue to “come”, but instead of walking in the direction of his trainer, begins to wander in the opposite direction. As a result, a corrective shock is administered. The trainer assumes that the dog will associate the correction with the action of walking in the wrong direction. However, in actual fact the dog was focused on a child who was approaching him, resulting in the dog associating the pain, or negative event with a child. In the future this could mean that the animal may have negative feelings when around children causing him to become timid, fearful, submissive or even aggressive. Depending on what the dog’s particular focus was at the exact moment of the correction he could as a result have similar issues with other people, places or things.

The developers of this type of product are taking full advantage of the fact that in today’s society people are always looking for what claims to be the next quick and easy problem solver – even when it comes to dog training. It is unfortunate that with such advances in technology the persons responsible for creating dog training aids have not taken into consideration the natural instincts, learning methods and behaviors of our highly intelligent canine friends. Instead, both the developers and consumers of these particular products have grossly underestimated the incredible abilities of a dog and have opted to scare and torture the animal into submissiveness and obedience, rather than to nurture him with kindness, positive reinforcement, love and patience.

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