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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
Our preferd method of dog training. Positive reinforcement dog training is what this site's all about. When done correctly it's fast, effective and an enjoyable way to train your dog.

Dog Training With Treats
Contrary to popular belief, using treats to train your dog doesn't mean that you later wont be able to get your dog to do anything unless you offer it something in return. Treating your dog, either with food or affection, is the backbone of positive dog training.

Positive Dog Training: New Tricks for Old Dog Trainers
Over the years people have used a whole range of different dog training techniques, some of which are much more effective than others. This article discusses the most positive and effective approach to dog training.

Training a Deaf Dog: Do I Have Your Attention?
It may not be as difficult to train a deaf dog using positive dog training techniques. In this article you can learn how to reward desired behaviour and achieve obedience using alternative means of communication, such as light, food treats, sign language and vibrations.

Agility Training Dog Tube
The popular sport of dog agility is a brilliant way of teaching your dog confidence and obedience. One common aspect in most obstacle courses is a collapsed tunnel or tube, something which might seem a little daunting for your dog at first, but with the tips provided in this article, you can successfully and positively train your dog in this agility technique.

Alpha Dog Training
Has your dog taken over your household, displaying aggressive, stubborn or disobedient behavior? As a 'pack' animal, it may be that your dog has claimed his place at the top of the social heirarchy within your home, and this brings with it a multitude of problems for you, your dog and your family. In this article you can learn to positively restore proper social order, where you are leader and commander.

Basic Dog Training
Learn and build upon the first few steps in postively training your dog to achieve desired behavior. Here you can find how to begin to implement some basic discipline that will set you on your way to training a healthy, happy and sociable dog.

Boxer Dog Training
Training a boxer dog may be a little more challenging than usual, due to their high intelligence. This article provides some information on how to create the basic foundations and extra requirements for postive dog training for this breed, as well as an overview of some of the characteristics you might identify in your boxer's behavior.

Career in Dog Training
Do you love dogs? Thinking about a career in dog training? This article provides an idea of the options available, general requirements, and how you can go about setting yourself on this career path.

Crate Trainings FAQs
Crate training is an important part of training a confident and happy dog - it is a sanctuary where your dog can sleep, retreat, travel or simply relax. This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the requirements, results and benefits of crate training your dog.

Crate Training Your Dog
Most dogs like the idea of having a "den", and an indoor dog crate is an ideal way to meet this need. Crates have a multitude of uses, and can prove an intrinsic part of positively training your dog. This article provides some useful tips on crate training, as well as choosing the right crate for your dog.

Dog Behavior Training
Positively training your dog utilizes methods that are more instinctive and in tune with the natural behavior and learning abilities of a dog. These include hearing, smell and sight - things that a dog will use in his everyday experiences. Different breeds of dog might require a slightly more tailored approach, but by appealing to these senses you will find that your training techniques are much more effective.

Dog Crate Training
This article describes the benefits of dog crate training, namely in house training and the overall confidence of your dog. You can learn a few basic dog crate training tips, as well as how to choose the best crate for your dog.

Dog Obedience Training
Dogs are evolved from wolves, where the 'pack' mentality and social order determines behavior. In a domestic situation, this need for social order still exists, and as owner, you are the leader to whom your dog should - and will want to - show obedience. In turn, this relationship between dog and owner has evolved into a sport, of which you can learn about the training and requirements in this article.

Dog Training Advice
This article gives advice on the best approach to dog training, and what methods you can easily utilize to help build confidence and obedience in your dog, in turn creating a healthy, happy relationship between you and your pooch.

Dog Training Aids
In everyday life, dogs use many different senses to understand the environment they live in. Positive dog training can be re-inforced with dog training aids that appeal to these senses, namely smell, taste, hearing and sight. This article describes some of the aids that you can use to help with your dog training.

Dog Training Classes
Find out how to find the best training classes for you and your dog, and what you can expect to gain from them.

Dog Training Collars 2
Successful and positive dog training doesn't have to involve a dog collar. However, if you are considering purchashing a training collar, make sure you know which one will be right for your dog.

Dog Training Commands
Basic dog training commands are the foundations for a sociable animal. Find out what you need to get started, and how to teach your dog some rudimentary commands.

Dog Training Devices
You might want to invest in some devices to assist you with training your dog. Be sure you have all the information before purchasing and using any such devices currently on the market.

Dog Training Equipment
Obedience training is a great way to maximize on the companionship between you and your dog. You'll need to invest in some equipment to carry out training in your home and as an extension of any training classes.

Dog Training Obedience
Understanding dog behavior is crucial when undertaking obedience training. This article shows you how to take some first, basic steps towards complete positive obedience training for your dog.

Dog Training Supplies
Thinking about training your dog? Not sure what you'll need? This article gives a quick run down of all the supplies and equipment that you should need to get you started.

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