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Dog House Training

Dog House Training
It's a simple, natural part of life - using the bathroom. Kids require potty training, and in essence, so will your dog. This article describes how to successfully and postively train your dog to use the dog house, without any negative reaction or punishment.

Dog Litter Box Training
Although litter boxes are traditionally associated with cats, dog litter box training really is possible. Some trainers believe that dog litter box training offers advantages that traditional house training can't match.

Dog Potty Training
This article explains how to successfully potty train your puppy using reward-based techniques. Although puppies are in effect incontinent until around eight weeks old, you can learn how to (patiently!) introduce the desired behavior from this age onwards.

Dog Toilet Training
This article describes effectively toilet training your dog with or without a dog crate. Ideally, dog toilet training should teach your dog to use the bathroom on command, which will greatly simplify walking and traveling with your dog.

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